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Enhancement Detail

Estimated time: 1 - 2 days / Estimated cost: £240 - £450

Detailing is all about quality and in order to distinguish between Total Perfection's service packages, clients simply need to appreciate the levels of excellence achieved.

All Total Perfection's detailing work begins with a finite visual inspection during which every facet of the subject vehicle is assessed, and where necessary notes and photographs are taken in order to provide an accurate reference from which to work.

The Enhancement Detail comprises a carefully planned multi-stage treatment using the wide range of specialist techniques and materials that Total Perfection are known for. Every product used is specifically selected to suit the structure and fabric of the customers' luxury motor car – even pH and temperature are taken into consideration.

From start to finish the Enhancement Detail represents a combination of superb workmanship, leading edge products and patient, traditional techniques.

Full specification:

• Finite visual inspection recording areas for special attention.
• Wheels cleaned, front, back and inside, with alloy wheel cleaner.
• Wheel arches cleaned by hand and protective treatment applied.
• Engine bay cleaned and dressed.
• 15 stage pH neutral hand wash.
• Treat cabriolet hoods with specialist natural cleaner where applicable.
• Hand dried using ultra soft microfiber towel.
• Paintwork and wheels decontaminated of embedded iron particles using a colour changing fall out remover.
• Paint thickness inspection. (measured using electronic gauge)
• Paint enhancement process using premium-quality finishing compounds.
• Paint sealant applied to all paintwork.
• Top-quality, high percentage carnauba wax applied to all painted surfaces.
• Wheels clay barred and sealed with PTFE/wax or rim sealant.
• Chrome and aluminum surfaces cleaned and polished.
• Door seals, rubbers and tyres treated to leave a natural finish.
• Interior cleaned, wet & dry vacuumed.
• Leather seats cleaned.
• Windows cleaned and polished, inside and out.
• Rain repellent coating applied to windscreen and side windows.
• Final visual inspection.