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Mobile Summer Protection North Wales

Total Perfection Auto Detailing Mobile car valetings summer protection package starts with having all arches cleaned and power washed followed by the alloys cleaned, we then rinse the vehicle to remove loose debris and the vehicle is then snow foamed and left for 10 min to soften the dirt and a soft detailing brush is then used to clean the intricate areas.

After this The vehicle is pressure washed once again.
Snow foam is then added and the vehicle is washed using the 2 bucket method with grit guards.
The vehicle is then dried with plush microfibre towels and the decontamination process begins.
First the tar spots are removed and a iron remover is applied to deionise the paintwork.
The paintwork and glass are then Clayed to remove any bonded contamination.
All painted surfaces are polished and and cleansed to ensure a proper bonding surface.
1 coat of nano paint sealant or one coat of carnauba wax is applied (extra coats can be added at an additional cost.)
A nano wheel sealant is applied to the alloys and a good quality rain repellant to the front and side windows.
Finally the tyres are dressed and the door shuts are cleaned.
Prices for our mobile car summer protection package start from £75, contact us for more details or quotes.

Estimated time: 2 - 5 hours
Estimated cost: £75 - £150